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Baby/Tweenie Room

 Our Baby/Tweenie room has a capacity for 12 children aged from 6 weeks to 2 years (approx according to individual needs). There is one senior member of staff and nursery nurses  and a student who work in this room. Our high ratio of staff to children ensures that your child receives plenty of individual attention, stimulation and care.

We understand that leaving a child at such a young age can be very difficult, but the Baby/Tweenie Room is very much like a home from home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in working with babies and will endeavour to maintain the routine that your baby enjoys at home.

Staff will update you via our ParentZone app throughout the day showing the number and times of sleeps, changes and feeds/meals along with photos of the activities that your child enjoyed throughout the day, this will also include any milestones met in your child's development. Upon collection, your child's Key-worker will also share this with you. 

The Baby/Tweenie Room provides cots for sleeping, a specific area for dining, a separate changing area and plenty of space to play. Our bright environment is set into areas, taking into account the children's interests to provide a stimulating place to learn, explore independently and experience new activities and topics. We have a Sensory corner that includes a 'touch' and 'feel' wall and sensory tray which is changed weekly to follow our planning and adapts to allow our babies and tweenies to experience sensory play. 

We have a fantastic outdoor play area which has been designed to allow babies and tweenies to play securely and safely in an open environment. The ground covering consists of rubber matting, allowing non-walking babies to roll around freely. There is a range of activities including ground level water, sand and messy play trays, trikes, tunnels and much more, all encouraging physical development particularly in the large motor skills. 

Baby/Tweenie Room Virtual Tour​

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