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Pre School Room

Our Pre School Room has a capacity for 24 pre school children aged 3 to 5 years old (approximately according to individual needs). Your child will start visiting our Pre School Room from the Toddler Room just before their thirds birthday or when your child's Key worker feels they are developmentally ready. A well planned transition will take place, led by your child's Key worker.

The Pre School Room is managed by a Room Leader and several Nursery Nurses according to Ofsted guidance of a 1 adult to 8 children ratio, however we often over ratio were possible.

Pre School Room - Key areas

Quiet Area

Our quiet area is for looking at books, playing carpet games, story time and circle time discussions. 

Role Play Area

The role play area is a fully equipped home corner, with a play kitchen, dolls and dressing up costumes. This area is changed regularly according to our topic which can range from seasons to religious celebrations and much more. 

Small World Area

Our small world area consists of animal and people figures, transport and blocks allowing the children's imaginations to run wild. 

Malleable Area

The malleable area is there to develop small motor skills playing with dough, gloop etc, keeping little hands busy. 

Messy Play Area

The children get messy and creative in this area, painting and glueing along with our sand and water play that is always accessible. 

Constructive Area

Our construction area with a car mat allows children to construct and build their own designs. 

Mark Making Area

We have a large variety of resources in this area to allow our children to mark make in lots of different ways. 

Interactive Area

We have an interactive whiteboard where the children can access our Mini Mash programme. This allows them to draw, paint and play age appropriate learning games. The Mini Mash programme uses topics of interests that covers seasons, animals, religious celebrations, the world around us and much more. 

Pre School Room Virtual Tour​

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